About this Course

Students are given skills to be responsible for designing, testing, implementing, and monitoring security measures for your company systems. Students who complete this course will go from having no prior knowledge of Cyber Security to having an advanced understanding of core principals, theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

This qualification Expands These specializations

• Linux +
• Security +
• Cyber Security Analysis
• Associate Security Practitioner

Entry Requirements

• Computer Literacy (CAT), Grade 10 or National Certificate (vocational) L2; or equivalent.

On Completion

On successful completion, the student will receive ATTI Security Specialist Skills Certificate. International Exams are not included in the course price; however, exam preparation material will be available should you opt to write these international exams.

Career Opportunities

Linux System Administrator

Linux Security Administrator

Security Specialist

Threat Analysts

Risk Manager

Incident Response Professional

Cyber Security Analyst

Security Practitioner

Security Engineer

ICT Security Manager

Security Consultant

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Students are taught the latest skills needed by today’s computer support professionals.


This course is intended for anyone that is preparing for a Network Technician position or looking to improve their skills


Databases are incredibly important in our modern world and they remain a mystery to most people