About this Course

This is a bundle course that will help students to learn about the latest technologies in web application development and Software Engineering. Students will have all the tools necessary to simplify application development, enabling you to focus on creating Apps with improved capabilities and spend less me worrying about meta problems such as dependency management, development and code bundling. This course will also teach students everything they need to know about the essential tools they need to become beer Software/Web Application Developers.

This qualification Expands These specializations

• Personal Development
• Database Design, Implementation and Development
• Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
• Programming in C#
• MTA Software Fundamentals
• MTA Database Fundamentals
• Programming in ASP.NET MVC
• Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services

Entry Requirements

• Grade 10 or National Certificate (Vocational) L2; or equivalent.

On Completion

On successful completion, the student will receive ATTI Software Engineering Skills Certificate. International Exams are not included in the course price; however, exam preparation material will be available should you opt to write these international exams.

Career Opportunities

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Web Developer

Web Application Developer

Web Designer

Database Designer

Back End Developer

Front End Developer

C# Software Engineer

Software Solutions Consultant

Mobile Application builder

Software Tester

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