National Certificate: Information Technology: Systems Development - NQF Level 5 (SAQA ID: 48872)

About this Course

The purpose of this qualification is to enhance readiness and provide entry into the areas of Systems Development at NQF LEVEL 5.  It prepares learners for entry into the workplace or as an undergraduate study in the Systems Development areas, providing them with the necessary knowledge needed for further study in the field of Information Technology needed for further studies and Computer Sciences at Higher Education Level.

This qualification Expands These specializations

This qualification consists of a minimum of 131 credits and has been designed in accordance with SAQA rules of combination.

Qualification Rules

All fundamental outcomes are compulsory for this qualification (31)

All core outcomes are compulsory (75). And Electives (25)

Entry Requirements

Grade 11/ New National Certificate (grade 12) Equivalent NQF Level 4

On Completion

On successful completion, the student will receive ATTI Certificate of Completion and a National Certificate endorsed by MICT SETA.

Career Opportunities

Software Developer

Systems Developer

Database Designer / Administration

Data Center administrator

Project Planner

Website Designer

Web Developer

Data Analyst

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Students will specialize in Adobe Illustrator (Graphic Design), HTML5


Project Management is an exciting place to be. Project Managers help shape the success of organizations,


Students are taught the latest skills needed by today’s computer support professionals.